Fish Collagen Peptides

Product Feature & Function


1. Using export grade 100% fresh tilapia in green and pollution-free breeding base in Guangdong, processed after the fish skin stripping directly or frozen after thawing.
2. Composed of a variety of peptide molecules, containing protein (90%) and a small amount of free amino acids and inorganic salts etc.
3. It’s two or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds;
4. Proteins are composed of long chains of amino acids, while peptides are known as intermediate products of protein digestion.
5. Peptides are more effective than amino acids as a nitrogen source in the elemental diet.
1. Exclusive Enzymatic hydrolysis technology;
2. Guarantee of the stability of the activity peptides;
3. Automatic equipment ensure the consistent quality;
4. Containing minimum 90% of protein and minimum 85% of active small molecule peptides, which can be absorbed quickly.
5. Stable in acidic condition, heat resistantce.
6. High content of oligopeptide, good absorption, safe and no side effects.
7. High content of hydroxyproline and biological activity.
Beauty; Collagen supplement to skin; increasing skin moisture retention.
Promote bones healthy; Protect joints;
Sleep improvement;
Gastrointestinal function restoring.
Appearance White to yellow powder
Taste and odour Specific taste and odor, no rare smell
Through the aperture of 0.25mm screen 100%
Loss on drying 7.0% max.
Protein content (dry basis) 90% min.
Content of peptides (dry basis) 85% min.
Content of Hydroxyproline 5.5% min.
Ash (dry basis) 8% max.
Total count 5000 CFU/g max.
E. Coli 0.3 MPN/g max.
Yeasts 25 CFU/g max.
Moulds 25 CFU/g max.
Salmonella not detectable
Inorganic arsenic 0.1ppm max.
Lead 1.0ppm max.
Methylmercury 0.5ppm max.
Standard packaging: 10 kg double polythene + paper bag
Shelf life: 18 months
Store at room temperature, in a dry place, and in its unopened original packing.
Once opened, use contents quickly.

International Sales: Jessica Li

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