Corn Peptides

Product Feature & Function


1. Made from selected and certified high quality non-GMO corn protein by Enzymatic hydrolysis technology;
2. It’s two or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds;
3. Proteins are composed of long chains of amino acids, while peptides are known as intermediate products of protein digestion.
4. Peptides are more effective than amino acids as a nitrogen source in the elemental diet.
1. Exclusive Enzymatic hydrolysis technology;
2. Bitterness and odor reduced; very low allergenicity;
3. High content of small molecules peptide;
4. Guarantee of the stability of the activity peptides;
5. Automatic equipment ensure the consistent quality;
6. Containing minimum 80% of protein and minimum 70% of active small molecule peptides, ≤1000Dalton molecular weight of peptides is min. 85%, which can be absorbed quickly.
Anti-fatigue; Enhance immunity;
Hypoglycemic effect; Hypolipidemic effect; Hypotensive effect;
High content of alanine and leucine;
Protecting liver; Relieving alcohol discomfort.
Appearance Light yellow to pale brown powder
Taste and odour Specific taste and odor, no rare smell
Through the aperture of 0.25mm screen 100%
Loss on drying 7.0% max.
Protein content (dry basis) 80% min.
Content of peptides (dry basis) 70% min.
Relative molecular weight of 85% peptides 1000DA max.
Ash (dry basis) 8% max.
Total count 5000 CFU/g max.
E. Coli 0.9 MPN/g max.
Yeasts 25 CFU/g max.
Moulds 25 CFU/g max.
Salmonella not detectable
Arsenic 0.5 ppm max.
Lead 0.2 ppm max.
Standard packaging: 10 kg double polythene + paper bag
Shelf life: 18 months
Store at room temperature, in a dry place, and in its unopened original packing.
Once opened, use contents quickly.

International Sales: Jessica Li

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