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Product Feature & Function

Walnut Peptides

Wild walnut protein as raw materials
Good flavor
For brain health and memory improving
Pea Peptides Non-GMO pea protein as raw materials
Low allergenicity, balance in amino acids, easy absorption
Fully supplement of amino acides, promoting muscular synthesis, enhancing immunity, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory
Mung Bean Peptides Superior mung bean protein as raw materials
Good flavor, high content of branched chain amino acids
Fast supplement of physical power, reducing cholesterol, inhibiting pesticide and heavy metal absorption in body
Wheat Peptides Superior wheat protein as raw materials
High content of glutamine
Hypolipidemic, anti-thrombosis, reducing cholesterol, reparing intestinal mucosa
Rice Peptides Superior rice protein as raw materials
Good flavor and shallow color
Easy digestion and absorption, low allergenicity, reducing cholesterol, hypotensive, whitening and moisturizing of skin

Peanut Peptides

Superior peanut protein as raw materials
High content of arginine, hypotensive, antioxidant, promoting cell development, enhancing brain memory and improving anemia
Ovalbumin Peptides Superior egg albumin as raw materials
Enhancing immunity, improving sleep and gastrointestinal function, anti-thrombosis

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