Product Feature & Function Application
Emulsifying Stabilizer For emulsifying, thickening, stabilizing of products
Perfect combination of flavor and texture
Various yogurt, liquid and powder drinks, dessert, pudding, jelly

Jelly Powder

Good gelatinous function
Stable texture
Various jelly, milk frozen products

Dispersant Stabilizer for liquid drinks

For Special Medical Purpose Food use
Combination of hydrophilic colloid, emulsifier, buffer salt
Make suspension product stable and uniform
Special Medical Purpose Food
Dispersant Stabilizer for powder drinks For Special Medical Purpose Food and powder drinks use
Improving the solubility and apperance, good taste and flavor
Special Medical Purpose Food, powder drinks
Mixed Powder For jam making
Easily used to produce all kinds of bakery jam per texture and flavor required
Low cost and wide application
Suitable for heat and cold process
Long shelf life
Bread, Cake, Biscuit, Pie

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