Grains Bubble

Bubbles, called popping boba or popball, popular around Europe and US, is a new kind of dessert ingredients - small balls that contain whole grain, like black rice, oat, coix see, highland barley wrapped around with a crystal thin layer. It can be applied to a wide range of drink and used as toppings for ice flakes, ice cream, drinking yogurt and stirring yogurt as well.
Unique: Innovative and it is unique in overseas market.
Fun : Bubbles (Popping boba), that pops inside your mouth gives you both taste and chewing fun.
Various : Bubble(Popping boba) is well matched with every menu and using a variety of Popping BOBA upgrades decoration of dessert as well as taste.
Easy: Simply put bubbles(Popping boba) in drink - juice and smoothie, flour-based food - waffle, cake and honey bread and dessert - ice flakes, wine, cocktail and salad etc.
Product type : Sugar processed goods/ Sterilizing materials
Weight and composition : 5kg x 4 each / a box
Stored at room temperature (stored in a refrigerator after opening)
Expiry date : 6 months from the date of manufacture
Usage : toppings going well with cold drink like bubble tea, yogurt, smoothie, salad, pudding, ice cream and etc.
Black rice, oat, highland barley, small oat, coix seed, oat bubble with mixed berries jam, black rice bubble with strawberry jam

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